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Farm Animals are People Too

Farm Animals are People Too

Farm Animals are People Too is a celebration of the wonderful animals that live on farms!

The book follows the piggies, the cows, and the chickens, as they go about their lives and do their favorite things.

The story is a celebration of the sensitive beings that share our world.
Take a walk through the farm sanctuary, and visit the piggies in the mud, the cows dreaming of jumping over the moon, as well as the chickens famously crossing the road.

All are welcome at the farm sanctuary in Farm Animals are People Too!

Author, Mark Snyder Jr, created Farm Animals are People Too, using hand-carved rubber stamps, brightly colored oil-based ink for prints, as well as watercolors for background and landscape depictions. All illustrations were created in this manner to highlight the animals in a fun and eye-catching way for kids to learn about being kind to farm animals!

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